Bumbook made you as iteration one of the intelligent robots, going against the advice of Aron Strongscent. 

You're a bit too intelligent and have achieved sentience, he did warn them this could happen.

The world isn't ready for you.

You've been locked away.

You're ready to see the world and experience life.

Break out of the robot factory and smell that fresh air.

As iteration one you've also been made faulty, when you move you leak power. Use your power siphon to leech power from other robots, make sure to fully drain them or they'll turn on you and call for backup. They've all been built better than you so if they've noticed you then you can't siphon them until they've backed off. Luckily, they're pretty stupid for intelligent robots. We trust you to outsmart them (tip - they can't actually see through walls or machinery even if it looks like that way).

Source and credits available at https://github.com/dirty-casuals/V.Ampere

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