A pong game in space with hot action, psychological drama, improv comedy and many mysteries. Critics love it, haters hate it, strategy games wish they could be like it, action movies wish they could be it...


now in space!

In a galaxy not far away
one planet is fighting
for its right
to regain classification
as a small world.

On August 24 2006 the news
was released that Pluto
would no longer be
a planet.

Pluto felt hurt.

Pluto felt sad.

Pluto felt betrayed.

Don't worry, they said,
you can be a dwarf planet!

Pluto felt mocked.

Pluto felt angry.

Pluto felt RAGE!

By Destroying the other planets,
Pluto shall be a planet again.


  • You are the blue planet in the middle
  • Right left arrows to move paddle
  • Mouse (or touch around) to move paddle
  • Don't get hit by comet 5 times


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